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Don't Qualify for Obamacare? Don't Worry, You Can Get a Short-Term Plan Now!

Rates as low as $2/day in Virginia

Available Health Plans in Virginia:

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A Short-Term Plan will Keep You Covered until the Next Open Enrollment:

If you missed Open Enrollment, and you do not have a Qualifying Life Event, the good news is that you can purchase Short-Term Insurance right now - and from major carriers!

What is Short-Term Insurance? Short-Term Insurance is a health plan that covers you for a set period of time, anywhere from 30 days to 12 months. Ideally, you want to purchase enough coverage to carry you until either one of the following: 1) Your coverage from Open Enrollment kicks-in, which would be January 1st, 2016 if you sign up at the end of this year; Or 2) until you think you might undergo a Qualifying Life Event, such as having a baby. Note that Qualifying Life Events allow you to sign up for Obamacare anytime. In other words, think of Short-Term Insurance as a temporary but great solution to fill in coverage gaps. Many people even get Short-Term Insurance when they are between jobs. One important thing to remember though is that Short Term Insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions or preventative care. Such coverage will be available to you when you get Obamacare.

So then why get a Short-Term Plan? Simple. Unless you are invincible, it is risky to keep going without health coverage. You, or a dependant, can get sick or in an unforeseen accident. And such unforeseen circumstances often lead to very substantial financial burdens that tend to linger long after you feel better. Simply put, it is bad enough breaking a bone. Don't break your bank account either.

Fortunately, is here to help you find an affordable Short-Term Plan - fast! Compare Short-Term rates now from major health insurers including Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, Humana, Assurant, Kaiser (in select states), Cigna, and more!
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